Is Kim Kardashian pregnant again?

According to a close source, Kimye might welcome another member in the family. Indeed, rumor has it that after spending a whopping amount of money for IVF treatments ($230 000 to be accurate), Kim Kardashian is finally expecting another baby. For now, the couple prefers not to comment about the hypothetical good news, fearing to be jinxed by an early announcement. Kim is allegedly 12 weeks pregnant and if you think that her physical appearance hasn’t changed that much, that could be linked to the strenuous efforts she’s currently putting into staying in shape. The source says “She’s only showing a little bit. She’s been insisting to her stylist that she double up on spanx. She’s still working out like a demon. She says that she absolutely cannot look like a beached whale.” And to add more excitement to the news, the baby is a boy. And Kanye is delighted by the news! The insider says: “ to say that he’s happy that she’s carrying a boy is an understatement. One of each is perfect for them. Chances are, having gone through so much to conceive the baby, it will be their last…they aren’t really talking about what’s next. All they can do right now is make sure that this baby is being taken care of”. Well if all this is true, we’re yearning to see mini Yeezy’s face.

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