Iggy Azalea: Nicki Minaj’s allegations were true!

It seems Iggy Azalea became the new target of the rap industry. She keeps on facing critics ever since she became successful, and each week brings her more hatred from the public and the industry! This time, it seems that Nicki Minaj‘s allegations on the Australian rapper happen to be true.It was last year during a ceremony that honors hip hop artists. Nicki Minaj has created a controversy by saying that Iggy would be paying someone else to write her lyrics. But the latter had denied the claims and said that she was the only author! Even her mentor TI defended her in an interview. But today, a man came out of the shadows and confirmed the suspicions of the public about the creativity of the singer.This man is a rapper named Skeme. He gave an interview for a radio, and Skeme confirmed that Iggy asked his services to write the hit “Fancy,” which made him the ghostwriter that everyone was talking about! And surprise, he says that it’s the singer Charli XCX who wrote the chorus of the song. He confesses at the same time that the flagship expression of Iggy “Who dat Who dat” is his idea. Poor Iggy, Skeme has just killed a little more her career.Normally, a ghostwriter must remain precisely…a ghost, and should not talk about his work for another star. But as the title “Fancy” kept on dominating the charts, Skeme probably wanted to have a piece of the cake. And ever since everybody has suddenly decided to go after the singer, Iggy is no close to one or two others muddles.Do you think that Iggy deserves all this hatred?

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