Iggy Azalea: her husband put her through a program before they get married.

Iggy Azalea and the basket-ball player, Nick Young, have been dating for more than a year now, and had already discussed the idea of marriage. They bought a house together last year, which is a very important step in a couple’s life. But before they get married, Nick Young wants to be sure that Iggy is the right girl for him.

Thus, Nick revealed he asked the Australian rapper to follow a 12 steps program. Theses 12 steps are still secret, but Swaggy P claimed that Iggy has made it through the first two steps.

The first step was that she cooked for him, and the second was she cleaned their house before he came back from practice.

Finally, Nick Young said Iggy is “doing pretty good”. So will they be married soon?

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