Iggy Azalea: her boyfriend threatens a sport journalist!

Very active on social networks, the rapper recently decided to no longer manage her Twitter account to not enter into conflict with her many detractors. Angry about the recent criticism of her body, Iggy claimed that “The Internet is the ugliest reflection of man kind there is.” Her boyfriend, Nick Young is the perfect example, judging his last tweets…

Last night, Robert Flores, a sports anchor provoked the anger of the basketball player. While presenting his column, the journalist made fun of the young couple: “So, Nick, while dolphins are trying to kill you, your girlfriend is trying to kill hip-hop. Let’s call it even, OK?” In fact, a month ago, Iggy had confided on Twitter that her boyfriend was afraid of dolphins; and in an interview in the locker room after a basketball game, Nick explained that a dolphin had almost killed him by pulling him down to drown.

But this joke, got to Nick‘s ears, and did not make him laugh a bit. He went on Twitter to answer Robert Flores:

“I’m pretty sure we going to run into each other soon”

“you job is to talk about sports not what me and my chick got going on.”

“so off the fact you that was cool to say, don’t sit right with me so we got a problem

If Iggy‘s boyfriend removed these threats, he replaced them by two others less aggressive tweets:

Since these Sports Channels want to like they BET we shall see

— Nick Young (@NickSwagyPYoung) 2 Mars 2015

Its cool to talk about me all day any day I find with that, I can take a joke .. That what I do joke, but I didn’t see the point of that

— Nick Young (@NickSwagyPYoung) 2 Mars 2015

Do you think Nick was right to react like that?

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