Huget drops team due to missed doping dates

Yoann Huget has decided to drop from France’s World Cup training squad, following his failure to submit to three steroid tests.

AFLD, the French anti-doping authority, attempted to analyze the Bayonne wing’s urine and blood three times, however he missed the first because of “negligence” and the next two due to a training session and an eleventh-hour photo-shoot.

Huget is one of 30 French players that are required to inform the AFLD of their location daily, in order to comply with compulsory checks. Missing three tests amounts to a doping charge and can result in three to 24 month suspension.

Instead of waiting to attend a August 17 disciplinary hearing, less than a month before the September 9 World Cup commencement, the seven capper severed his ties with the team stating “I prefer to leave the squad now rather than when they are really stepping up their training for the World Cup and thus put them in difficulty, knowing that I would not be able to be replaced.”

“For the moment” coach Marc Lièvremont, has not settled on a substitute for Huget.

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