Horseman Howard Johnson faces ban in cruelty case

Horse trainer Howard Johnson’s high profile verdict will be made public on August 10. Johnson was charged with de-nerving his horse, Striking Article, as well as sticking three other horses with steroids.

The de-nerving procedure prevents the horse from feeling any pain in it’s legs. Striking Article won three out of eight post-surgery races, before being put to sleep following his last run.

The Englishman denied wrong doing, emphasizing “I have done nothing wrong at all,” then danced around accusations “but I am not the best man at reading the rules of racing.”

On Tuesday, August 2 Johnson was made aware of his verdict in the unprecedented case, if indicted, the trainer faces a 10 year ban. The public, and many anticipating animal rights groups, will have to wait to hear the August 10 outcome.

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