Hip-Hop Cash Kings

Amid the economy downturn that has been affecting everyone some of the top rappers in the game were able to rake in millions of dollars in diverse business ventures.

On Forbes’ Hip-Hop Cash Kings list sits Brooklyn born rapper Jay-Z who managed to pull in $35 million last year between June 2008 and June 2009. Even though the rapper saw a 57 percent slip in his earning compare to last year topping of $82 million he made with his deal with Live Nation; the “I Love Girl” rapper came out on top thanks to his stake in the NBA team the New Jersey Nets and his own 40/40 club.

Queens’s rapper 50 Cent was able to secure fourth place this year on the list with $20 million in revenues down from the $150 million he made last year. Because of a diverse portfolio that include deals such as his Vitamin Water deal, G-Unit clothing line and numerous licensing as well as a video game, 50 Cent still managed to stay in the top four of the kings of cash.

Diddy, second on the list made $30 million last year with his venture in a new Vodka premium brand and his clohing line Sean John.

“808s & Heartbreak” star Kanye West made $25 million mostly with his multi-platinum album and his monster tour “Glow in the Dark”.

Akon, $20 million and Lil Wayne $18 million made more money than they did last year, partly because of huge collaborations and frenetic tours.

Other rappers on the list who also pull out big money were Pharrell Williams with $16 million and Timbaland with $17 million. Dr. Dre came in at #11 on the list with revenues of $13 million he made mostly with his work on Eminem’s platinum album “Relapse”, and royalties he collected from releases of classic albums like “The Chronic”.

So despite the economy rappers are still leading the charge when it comes to being Hip/ Hop Cash Kings.

Written by Valerie Varasse

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