Henry wants a 40-foot high fish tank

Thierry Henry has big ideas. The French striker is considering buying an aquarium that would be over 12 metres high for his home in England. The estimated cost of the construction work is of 395,000 dollars and would involve destroying the uber modern house designed by noted architect Sir Richard Mac Cormac.

The news caused a stir in London : British tabloid the Daily Mail contacted the architect who declared that he was disappointed to learn that his 9.5 million dollar house was going to be destroyed. Titi isn’t the first celebrity to have delusions of grandeur. Several professional footballers, including David Beckham, own gigantic aquariums.

And even if Thierry Henry has returned to his club in New York, he still wants a homebase in London to see his daughter Tea, whom he had with his ex-wife Claire Merry.

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