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Celebrated Hip-Hop artist, Hayze Engolah comes through with new visuals of “Champagne Poetry” Freestyle.

It seems the trend for rapping over Drake instrumentals is catching on with a lot of people, (and not just in the U.S). Recently rapper J. Cole released his song “Heaven’s EP” with the use of “Pipe Down” instrumental from “Certified Lover Boy”. Now Malawian artist, Hayze Engolah is getting his own act with it by jumping onto “Champagne Poetry”.

Proving prowess on the new song, the rapper officially made the release late Sunday evening (17th October). And to with no surprise performed and delivered his best.

“Companies wouldn’t endorse me. So I went and started a company and endorsed myself”, Hayze raps with the opening line, having to show that he’s indeed already a powerful brand by himself and is working to make a statement with his name, with no need of further help from others.

Latest becoming the first Malawian musician to make the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 list, Hayze has over time, consistently proved himself to undeniably be one of the best creatives that’s making it out and destined to Malawi on the map.

Real name Sindiso Msungama, Hayze Engolah has remained constant as constant can be throughout his music career. Recognized as one of Malawi’s top lyricists he out-willingly performs and outshines on the mic dropping his best verses, and making sure to leave a long lasting impression that will have you going like, “What?!” after having listened to the song. (

An entrepreneur, musician, creative and founder of KNQR, the rapper sure has a strong standing foundation behind him, and that, which he is destined to use in shaping the African culture and future of the Malawian urban scene.

With that being said… Check out “Champagne Poetry” Freestyle below!

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