After the terrible disaster that struck Haiti on Tuesday, January 12th, the situation is more chaotic than ever in the Caribbean island. The magnitude 7.0 earthquake might have killed more than a hundred thousand people. Many facilities are in ruins and buildings that are still intact are going through repeated looting.

The international community is getting mobilized. Wyclef Jean, one of the most famous sons of Haiti, is using Twitter to encourage everyone to send text-messages to Yele Haiti, his charity, and to donate five dollars to the stricken country that “is facing a natural disaster of unprecedented proportions.”

France is also getting ready to provide support to the families of victims and missing people.

TRACE called several artists around Jacky Brown to record a song and a video in order to raise money and call for donations and solidarity. So far, artists such as Singuila, Charles Aznavour, Grand Corps Malade, Alibi Montana, Laura Beaudi, Perle Lama, Vicelow, Marc Antoine, Youssoupha, Pit Bacardi, Lynnsha and Bisso Na Bisso have answered the call. This should be on air in the next few days!

TRACE is also mobilizing its channels with special Haiti programs throughout the weekend. Here is the complete schedule:

TRACE France and DOM / Africa: FOCUS Haiti – Sunday, January 17th at 9am and “Tropical Sound” Haiti – Sunday, January 17 at 10:30pm.

TRACE International: “Tropical Sound” Haiti – Sunday, January 17th at 8pm.

TRACE Tropical: Concert of Carimi – Saturday, January 16th at 8pm and 1am, and Concert of Tabou Combo – Sunday, January 17th at 8pm and 1am.

Moreover, on all its channels TRACE is continuously calling for donations and any useful information. Unity is strength!

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