Gyptian was in New York City on July 19th and TRACE met the Jamaican sensation on a really hot summer afternoon. The least we can say is that Gyptian didn’t fall short of his Caribbean lover reputation.

The singer revealed the story behind his summer hit “Hold You,” saying he created the beat himself and that even though it’s a really sexy song, he couldn’t expect such a success. Gyptian talked about the remix with New York rapper Nicki Minaj “I love the song with Nicki,” and implied that their meeting wasn’t only about making music. Is TRACE holding a scoop or Gyptian playing? We’ll see what Nicki has to say about that!

When asked on a typical day for him in Jamaica, Gyptian answered with his wicked accent: “Smoking weed in the studio, with pretty girls giving me inspiration.” Gyptian then added, more seriously: “ But don’t let nothing fool you. From nothing I turned to everything. I’m from the ghetto. A lot a people in my place wanna be here.”

Gyptian has a pretty busy schedule for the next months, he’ll be on tour around the U.S. during the summer but goes back to Jamaica next week to shoot the video of his new single “Nah let Go.” With his third album “Hold You” out and a new phone carrying his name coming soon, it seems like Gyptian was indeed “born to be ready” like he told TRACE.

Written by Liv

Check out this acapella version of “Hold Yuh”

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