Gang Starr’s DJ Premier saluted Guru during a lively tribute show over the weekend of April 24. He took to SiriusXM satellite for two hours in his partner’s honor. The tribute featured calls from Big Shug, other Gang Starr Foundation collective members and Guru’s nephew Justin Elam.

During the show, DJ Premier also unleashed poisonous darts at Solar, Guru’s producer, after the dubious and legitimately debatable “last letter” of Guru. The letter was released to fans by Solar after Guru’s death and lead to a division between Guru’s family and Solar. This letter appointed Solar to handle all of Guru’s estates’ issues and finances, including the care of his son. What affected and shocked DJ Premier about the letter, is that it stated that he can no longer use anything affiliated with Guru’s name or likeness. The co-founder of Gang Starr went against declaration and put on an amazing tribute show.

During the show, DJ Premier shared his experience of visiting Guru in the hospital, recalling how taken aback he was at the sight of his sick friend. He mentioned how angry he was to see that Guru has not been taken care of at the hospital, having such long nails and nasty afro. “We were for life and we’ll always be for life,” Premier claimed. The DJ made sure to stress that the show was a “salute” to Guru’s life and musical contributions and not a tribute to his untimely passing. His highly anticipated tribute did no disappoint, as fans related on various blogs.

Since legendary rapper Guru passed away on April 19, many statements and memoirs from family and friends have been published in his memory. “We are proud of all his many legendary musical contributions,” family said. “His rhyme flows were insane, and I will never remove him from my heart and soul…,” DJ Premier stated. One thing’s for certain: the man and his music will never be forgotten.

Written by Raluca & Shaira

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