Gregory Isaacs

The reggae legend Gregory Isaacs, known for his “lover’s rock” style, passed away on October 25th. After a long battle with lung cancer, Isaac died at the age of 59 in his South London home.

Nicknamed “Cool Ruler,” Isaacs put out a huge number of albums in his time recording, rumored to be 500 but totaled by TIME Magazine at 200.

The reggae master was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1951 and loved to listen to American R&B. His love for R&B eventually found its way into his music when he created the reggae style “lover’s rock” with his smash hit “My Only Lover.”

Although his music was sweet, Isaacs also had years of run-ins with the law, from illegal gun possession to drugs. Yet, his on stage life is what made him one of the best reggae artists of all time.

By Mufsin Mahbub

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