Gilbere Forte

Forte has risen up virally through the internet to become one of Philly’s hottest MC’s. He recently put out his first major project ever, “87 Dreams”, which is a 17 track album he released for free on his website. The album is well-rounded to say the least, featuring hardcore hits like “Black Chukkas” and more softer toned ballads such as “Money.”

TRACE team sat down with the Gilbere Forte for an exclusive interview about the new release.

“It took a little over 9 months to get it all together,” the rapper said of “87 Dreams.” The project features Gilbere not only strong rap songs but also some more RnB flavored tracks. When asked what inspired him to do this, he replied, “I was introduced to singers and soul music before I ever got into hip-hop. Then when I found hip hop i took all the influences from my childhood, put them in a big pot and mixed it all together and created my own style.”

We also talked about Drake’s new album and what it meant to him. “I thought Drake’s new album was dope, seeing him rap and sing on the same record was very innovative.” He went on to say, “a lot of artist either sing their entire careers and then they want to rap, or visa versa. I thought it was very innovative to see him say ‘why not do both at the same time?’.”

He keep going saying “I really wanted to do something untraditional. A lot of people will tell you 17 tracks is a lot for an upcoming artist to put out and I should save the good ones for later, but I didn’t want to do that. I feel like I can be making music like this for a long time so I don’t need to save any tracks.”

What was great about the interview, was that Gilbere Forte gave off that same type of professionalism that we felt from looking at his website before ever meeting the man. He has wonderful image, with great musical abilities to back it up. As a person, Gilbere is a reflection of his music: aggressive, personable, cinematic, and honest. You can get his new album “87 Dreams” for free on his website below:

Written by Michael Wash

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