Gerard Piqué is a fan of ping-pong

Gerard Piqué is a real ace, yes, Mister Shakira is a massive table tennis fan. News to you? Well, that’s certainly what Piqué wants us to believe. He’s even sent a video live from China to prove it! As you are all no doubt aware, table tennis is a favorite sport in China, with Chinese players among the very best in the world. 

So here’s the Barcelona FC defender ready to tell anyone who’ll listen that he’s a ping pong buff: proof in this video which sees him facing off against his team-mate Cesc Fabregas. The head of the Chinese Olympic delegation, Liu Guoliang even complimented the Barcelona players on their agility, despite the sub par equipment.

With such high-class ambassadors, table tennis is sure to be a hit during the Olympic Games! Game, set and match! Check out the video below.

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