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Seems like London has the next best thing under its belt with Indie alternative band The Noisettes. And it’s a triple threat! Composed by lead guitarist and back-up vocalist Dan Smith, drummer Jamie Morrison and English-Zimbabwean lead vocalist and bassist Shingai Shoniwa, the trio is making its way in the industry.

Exploring musical universes deeper than the average indie band, The Noisettes’ versatility is refreshing. The daring threesome shakes up multiple genres and fuses them together in an explosive cocktail. Funky new-age hippie sounds blended with electronic vibes, sounds strange? That’s only a parcel of what the emerging UK band has to offer. And that’s not the only thing that’s witty about the group. To go hand-on-hand with the flirty cohesive sound, the Noisettes are known for their avant-garde fashion sense, especially when it comes to the leader Shingai.

Though The Noisettes may be enjoying a growing buzz now, they didn’t surface overnight. In fact, they have been on their grind for quite some time… All three members attended the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology in London where they met and decided to start a group, first called the “Sonarfly.” Later on, the three took of the alias The Noisettes, quickly gaining the jazzy reputation as one of London’s boisterous live acts. Earning a spot in Entertainment Weekly’s list of “Indie Brit Bands on the Cusp” in 2005, the band’s sound was described as “high-drama, heavily syncopated swagger-and-sway rock.”

Success continued to build-up for The Noisettes when their first EP was released in the UK through the independent label Side Salad Records. The effort gained the likeness of well-known British acts Babyshambles, Bloc Party and Muse, whom all invited the group on tour with them. The EP also swayed ears at Universal Music, resulting in a pleasing international distribution deal landed by the group in 2006. The contract earned The Noisettes’ the advantage of having their projects released in Europe and in the United States, thus kicking off their international career.

The band’s eventually released their official debut album, “What’s The Time Mr. Wolf?” in February 2007. The Noisettes continued to keep their essence of unruly tactics, described by the magazine Rolling Stone as “three bad-news London kids who came to knock you out, take your money and blow your mind.” The album still reflected the classic rock background of the trio while balancing it with Shingai’s soulful touch, but sales were disappointing: the EP only peaking at #75 in UK charts.

Two years later, The Noisettes announced their comeback and this time, their success on the charts showed it was greatly anticipated. Switching lanes and playing (again) with different eras’ influences, the sophomore album “Wild Young Hearts” takes the listener on a journey to the 60’s with their now signature enticing soul-rock sound. The second single “Don’t Upset The Rhythm” gained major popularity after being featured on a Mazda advertisement in January 2009 and the electro banger has even been remixed by Tricky with Estelle and D.C. rapper Walee. Another sign of their growing recognition? Their last album was entirely remixed by producers Mick Boogie and Terry Urban with Kanye West’s instrumentals on a mash-up project called “Wild Young Heartbreaks,” following the trend initiated by DJ Danger Mouse “Grey Album.”

So what are The Noisettes up to now? Starting trouble it seems. Rumors are circling around about a beef with the flamboyant pop star Lady Gaga, with whom they toured in Europe as a supporting act. The beef was supposedly sparkled in a climate of rivalry between the artists: upset about Gaga drawing all media attention to her, The Noisettes’ Smith reportedly made some offensive statements targeting Lady Gaga… True or not, The Noisette’s buzz keeps building up!

It’s fair to say The Noisettes have made their own niche in the music industry, somewhere between Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse and The Killers. Their ripe career doesn’t seem to be going sour anytime soon. So embrace them people, love them… for they are fresh today, and hot tomorrow.

Written By Shabazz

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