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Well-known French rapper Medine brings back to life the Black Panthers Party’s ideology with his first studio-album called “Arabian Panthers”. The album was released in France and Europe at the end of November 2008 and he just finished his “Panther Tour”, in more than 20 cities across France. At each show, hundreds of fans were listening to his conscious lyrics, raising their fist, like at a Black Panther meeting.

He explains that writing this album took him a lot of time (he only released mixtapes before since 2005) because he had to do researches in books and documentaries to study what the Black Panther Party was. And he succeeded! Giving in his lyrics the essence of the BBP, adapted to the French reality.

And even if Medine is Arab and Muslim, his message is not communitarian. Not at all. The most important thing for him is the dialog between all the communities and with this new album he wanted to open people’s mind to the fact that injustice and poverty are an international reality. With this project, he also got the ambition to readapt the Black Panthers plan to today. What a program!

On “Arabian Panthers”, Medine chose to invite the conscious and engaged Nigerian singer Nneka, on a track called “A l’Ombre Du Mâle”. He also delivers tracks such as “Self Defense”, “Panther Blue”, “Don’t Panik”, or “Besoin de Revolution”.

On the side, Medine did a clothing line with the sentence « Every Day I’m Muslim », inspired by the Rick Ross sentence « Every Day I’m Hustling ». We have to say that indeed, sound of both sentences are really close!

Medine is a French famous rapper from Le Havre, he released 5 mixtapes and 1 album.

Here is his video “Besoin de Revolution”

Medine - Besoin de Revolution - mytrace
Medine – Besoin de Revolution – mytrace

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