Frank Ocean

Odd Future’s Frank Ocean has dropped the official visual treatment for his popular track “Novacane,” the first single from his well-loved “Nostalgia, Ultra” mixtape, which will be sold as an EP starting July 26. Ocean partnered with director & photographer Nabil Elderkin to have his drug trip visualized. Visions of women, tigers, pandas, and geishas run through his mind as he hallucinates in his bedroom, rubbing his face until he gets slapped back into reality. After getting signed to Island Def Jam about a year ago, the label proceeded to ignore him. Until February 16. That’s when Ocean decided to give away his debut album “Nostalgia, Ultra” for free on his Tumblr. He took to Twitter on March 1: “i. did. this. not ISLAND DEF JAM. that’s why you see no label logo on the artwork that I DID. guess its my fault for trusting my dumbass lawyer and signing my career over to a failing company. fuck Def Jam & any company that goes the length of signing a kid with dreams & talent w/ no intention of following through. fuck em. now back to my day. i want some oatmeal and toast. brunch swag.” Frank Ocean does his own thing. Expect to see much more from the gifted songwriter, who wrote “I Miss You” on Beyoncé’s new album “4” and has been in the studio with Kanye West and Jay-Z for “Watch The Throne.” Check out the video below!

frank ocean [novacane] from christopher francis ocean on Vimeo.

By Noémie Jamar

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