Foxy Brown

After serving eight months of a one-year sentence, Foxy Brown was freed from Riker’s Island prison on Friday (April 18).

The 29-year-old rapper greeted friends, family, fans and the media outside the jail, where she hugged and snapped photos for nearly everyone.

“This is a big day for me,” Brown told reporters. “To have everybody here that I love, my whole family, the whole Brooklyn, the officers that took care of me at Rikers. Eight months to the day, I remember going in in August and I said when I come out, I’m coming out even better. And I’m back baby, it’s a wrap.”

Foxy was sentenced to three years’ probation in October 2006 for assaulting employees of a New York nail salon in 2004. In September 2007, a judge ruled she was not taking probation seriously, due to numerous violations and other arrests, and sent her prison for one year.

Now free, Foxy Brown will spend the next few weeks promoting the May 13 release of her album “Brooklyn’s Don Diva.” Her manager, Chaz Williams, told Billboard that his client is eager and ready “to get on top of her career again. She’s ready to hit the ground running and do anything she needs to do to get her career back on point.”

She’s also filming a reality TV series that will chronicle her adjustment to civilian life.

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