Flo Rida arrested

Flo Rida has been arrested for drunk driving earlier today, June 9, in Miami Beach. Cops observed the rapper swerving in his lane and pulled him over. Not only was Flo Rida driving with a suspended license, his blood alcohol level was also more than double the legal limit.

The “Low” singer reportedly told the arresting officers that he couldn’t walk a straight line but he lived close by and was able to make it home. A gathering crowd also pleaded with cops, asking them to let the hip-hop star go. A few of them even offered to drive him home.

It was no good. Rida was arrested and taken to the Miami Beach Police Department, where he remains behind bars. This kind of behavior could have put his life at risk, but could have also seriously damaged his 1.7 million dollar ride…

By Noémie Jamar

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