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Rapper Fat Joe has kept the world moving with hits like “Lean Back” and “Make It Rain.” But when he decided to take a more softer, smoother route for his 2009 album “Jealous Ones Still Envy 2,” Joe received a mediocre response from fans.

Well, it seems that the Bronx veteran rapper is back doing what he does best. “The Darkside: Volume 1,” which is his tenth solo studio album, will feature Joey Crack returning to his more hardcore hip hop roots. The album will be a much “darker, grittier, and harsher” sound compared to his previous pieces of work.

“I tried to give y’all the nice guy,” Joe stated in an interview, “but they don’t want Fat Joe to do that. I’mma have to do something that I’m an expert at; it’s called killin’ people.” He then went on to say, “That’s why it’s “The Darkside: Volume 1.” Once you get this one, you ain’t gonna never want Fat Joe to do anything else.”

With features like Young Jeezy, Clipse, and Too $hort; the album definitely seems like it will be one for the streets. Check out the track list for the project below and be sure to look out for its release on E1 Music on July 27th of this year.

1. Intro [Prod. by Scram Jones]
2. Valley Of Death [Prod. by Cool & Dre]
3. I Am Crack [Prod. by Just Blaze]
4. Kilo (feat. Clipse & Cam’ron) [Prod. by DJ Infamous]
5. Rappers Are In Danger [Prod. by DJ Infamous]
6. Slow Down (Ha Ha) (feat. Young Jeezy) [Prod. by Scoop DeVille]
7. If It Ain’t About Money (feat. Trey Songz) [Prod. by Cool & Dre]
8. No Problems (feat. Rico Love) [Prod. by Scoop DeVille]
9. How Did We Get Here (feat. R. Kelly) [Prod. by Raw Uncut]
10. Money Over Bitches (feat. Too $hort & TA) [Prod. by Raw Uncut]
11. Heavenly Father (feat. Lil Wayne) [Prod. by STREETRUNNER]
12. I’m Gone [Prod. by DJ Premier]

Written by Michael Wash

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