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“The Fashion Hero” revolutionizes fashion reality series on TRACE Play

Fashion Hero: An innovative reality series

Who never dreamt of pacing up and down the runway of some of the most prestigious fashion designer at least once in a lifetime? We bet you did! Indeed, it is every fashion aficionado’s dream and Fashion Hero makes it come true just for you on TRACE Play. You might wonder what is so revolutionary about Fashion Hero? Well, this show enables people who don’t necessarily have the required body measurements nor the archetypical beauty criteria to become the muse of a high-end ready-to-wear brand. This first season shot in Canada puts forward every body types from, plus sizes to skinny, tall, short, androgynous and even gender-neutral which is hitherto unseen in this industry. Despite the rise and advent of  A-list models from minorities such as Winnie Harlow, Chanel Iman or even Jourdan Dunn, it’s almost always through the  euro-caucasian prism that the fashion industry sets the beauty standards and the representation of the perfect figure. And this still pervades the advertisement, the cinema and the rest of the cultural industry.

Fashion Hero

Fashion Hero

Models who break out of the industry’s shackles

Fashion Hero’s main objective is to shed light on inner beauty and individuals who both have physical singularities and great personalities. Thus they walk us through their everyday life and share their complexes, their fears as well as their challenges and aspirations. This generation of models wholeheartedly wants to overcome their difficulties and break out of the industry’s shackles which consistently hasn’t left much place for different profiles.

Tune in on TRACEPlay to watch the entire first season of the show! And just to start off your year the best way we are giving you a promo code: FASHIONHEROTP that grants you free access for 1 month on !

And if you want to be part of the cast for the next season, feel free to register here  and become the new IT Girl/Boy!

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