Faith Evans

R&B singer Faith Evans is set to unveil her first book “Keep the Faith: A Memoir” at the end of this month, detailing her relationship with her late husband The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur.

With help from writer Aliya S. King, Faith hopes to take her readers in to the mind of some of the most famed artists in hip-hop and her interactions with them. Rather than attempting to paint others in a negative light, the former Bad Boy artist takes time to reward Biggie fans by telling his story through her.

“His debut album was called Ready to Die. But in the end, he wasn’t,” an excerpt reads. “Big never got a chance to tell his story. It’s been left to others to tell it for him. In making the decision to tell my own story, it means that I’ve become one of those who can give insight to who Big really was. But I can only speak on what he meant to me.”

Despite being married to the renowned rapper, Faith realizes her memoir is more than just her experiences with him because her life “has been complicated on many levels.”

Staying within the realm of hip-hop, she finally discloses what really happened between herself and ‘Pac, with whom her husband was involved in a bitter rivalry.

“Keep the Faith: A Memoir” is scheduled to hit bookshelves on Friday, August 29.

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