Ezequiel Lavezzi, the new sexy icon of Wolrd Cup!

Thanks to World Cup 2014, Ezequiel Lavezzi is becoming famous in his country and all over the world. Despite his irregular performances, el Pocho is buzzing on social networks. The tattooed soccer player makes his country vibrate every game he plays. His perfect abdominals reminiscient of Latin models drive women crazy and his young child humor brings sympathy from other men.

Since the beginning of World Cup, erotic messages have been sent on Twitter with the hashtag #Lavezzisincamiseta (Lavezzi without shirt). The PSG soccer player has stolen the limelight from Lionel Messi. But, that’s not all. A Facebook page dedicated to Lavezzi was created on June 25 called “Movement for el Pocho Lavezzi plays without shirt” and has more than 380 000 likes, with 350 000 in only 5 days.

Sexy and prankster, two indispensable qualities to win the World Cup?

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