Ethiopia is still living in the year 1999, according to its own calendar, meaning that Ethiopians can look forward to yet another millennium party later this year. And authorities are planning a magnificant celebration for citizens and the many expected foreign visitors; launching projects worth birr 290 million (euro 26 million).

The Ethiopian calendar is unique in the world, developed by the indiginous Coptic church leaning on ancient Egyptian astronimic calculations, the Jewish calandar and the Julian calandar – adopted under Julius Caesar and the root of all Christian date calculators. Europe in 1582 shifted to the Gregorian calendar, now putting most of us in January 2007.

Now to get back to the fetsivities that Ethiopia will host for this new milenium a huge concert will be organized starring many local acts and the world famous Black Eyed Peas.

For more info on the Ethiopian new millenium check the official website of the event.


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