Estelle doesn’t like to keep her fans waiting! The British singer just released a mixtape titled “#ialmostmadeamixtape,” hosted by DJ Trauma and introduced as a warm up to her upcoming album “All of Me.” “I just wanted to put something out to say thank you, and so the people think it’s just about freakin’ ‘American Boy’ and stuff you hear on the radio,” explains Estelle with her very own wicked accent in the intro.

“#ialmostmadeamixtape” features new material from Estelle’s third studio album set to be released in September 2010. Her homeboy John Legend and Nas are present on the remix of the single “Fall in Love” which original version leaked to the Internet in May. Rappers Maino and Kardinal Offishall, who was featuring the buzz song “Freak,” are also guests.

Despite her work with French DJ David Guetta for her new album, these songs are not dance music inspired and feature rap samples like “Dear London,” using Jay-Z’s “Dear Summer.” “This mixtape is soulful with heavy hip hop and reggae vibes. It’s called ‘#ialmostmadeamixtape’ because she wanted to give fans a mixtape…but not too much. It is really the appetizer to the main course which is her album” said DJ Trauma in a press release.

The singer shared her excitement about the project via Twitter (@estelledarlings): “Shout out to @djtrauma – this mixtape is a special for me, last time i did a mixtape was 99,” and invited her fans to download it for free. “#ialmostmadeamixtape” is a nice way for Estelle to keep her fan base entertained and to stay free as an artist.

The mixtape is available online (see link below) until you can listen to Estelle’s new album, which should be eclectic and refreshing: “It’s called ‘All of Me’ for a reason, I do so many different styles of music I can’t be confined to one type” she says in an interlude.

Written by Liv

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