Grammy Award winning singer Estelle is ready to put “American Boy” in a coma. The British star who is currently working on her new album can’t wait to get the record out there, so she won’t have to perform the song that reignited her career.

Of her up-coming release, Estelle told BBC Newsbeat: I’m just recording this new album. I’m sick of singing “American Boy” so I should do something new.”

“It’s going great, big songs, big hooks. More of the same, but some freshness. Big producers, same things.” The “Shine” singer said the next album is shifting towards a fresh direction.

Even though, the singer refused to confirm if she will work again with Kanye West on her new album she did revealed that Swizz Beatz and Wyclef Jean have been linked to the project. “I think we’re going in with next week again.” She also said.

At this time a release date for Estelle’s untitled album has not been confirmed.

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