Eminem & Jay-Z

After starting off in Detroit two weeks ago, Jay and Eminem’s Home and Home Tour landed on New York’s Yankee Stadium last night. The crowd welcomed rappers Jay-Z and Eminem for the first of two (Sept. 14th & 15th) planned performances in the Bronx. The stadium was transformed from a ballpark to a musical stage led by Eminem, Jay-Z and some well-known friends. Other artists like Kanye West, Drake, Swizz Beatz, Nicki Minaj, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, and Beyonce came and performed with the rappers.

Slim Shady took over the stadium in the second slot, with special guests the G-Unit and Dr. Dre. Then Jay took over with a bunch of surprises and a line of his biggest hits. The crowd roared when Kanye West teamed with Jay-Z on stage singing their track “Run This Town.” He also brought in New York’s own Nicki Minaj to sing a couple of songs with them followed by a performance by Bronx-native Swizz Beatz.

Since yesterday was Tupac’s death anniversary, the rappers did a tribute to him and other hip-hop greats that included Notorious B.I.G., D12’s Proof and Pimp C.

The crowd then started singing when Coldplay’s Chris Martin came out to perform “Heart of the City.” Jay kicked the graceful lines to “Most Kingz,” and then Martin took the energy up a few levels with the ballad “Viva la Vida.”

After Jay-Z told the DJ to put any song on, Drake came out on stage singing “Miss Me.” Last but not least, Jay-Z’s wife Beyonce ended the concert singing along side with her man “Young Forever” that caught the crowd’s breath.

Jay-Z and Eminem will be doing an encore tonight.

Written by Mufsin Mahbub

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