Eminem is giving his fans a deeper look into the road to “Recovery,” his latest album which has been #1 on the charts for over a month now. On his official website, you can now view behind-the-scenes webisodes showing the process behind the new album.

In the first episode, the video gives fans an exclusive look at the creation of “Recovery’s” two iconic covers. In part one, we watch him shoot the so-called “glass-cube” cover, which, as Em explains, has a lot more symbolism than you’d think. “It symbolizes, like what my life is like right now because of the fame, but also kind of how I’ve had to remove myself from society a little bit, pull back to conquer my demons, my addiction and that whole thing,” he says in the video. “It also symbolizes me never leaving Detroit, you know? I’m kinda just sitting in the middle of Detroit, watching TV. And it’s kind of my living room, where people are walking by.”

At the end of the video, we see a quick scene of Eminem wandering down a deserted stretch of highway, and a title card promises that episode two of the “Recovery” behind the scenes footage will be coming soon.

Check out the first video below and go over to Eminem’s official website to see the coming episodes.

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Written by Michael Wash

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