According to reports Eminem is set to produce and star in a 3D hip hop horror movie, “Shady Talez.” There are not many details about the project but the rapper, willing to reactivate his movie career, is expected to play multiple roles in the flick.

To make the movie legit, Eminem has enlisted the help of Dallas Jackson, the writer of the upcoming “Last Dragon” remake and Kevin Grevioux, the writer of the “Underworld” franchises to help him write the script.

“Shady Talez” has been described as a cross between “The Twilight Zone” and “Creepshow.” According to FirstShowing.net the film will offer the same creepy feelings as classic horror movies “Christine” and “Aliens,” with an urban edge to it.

The movie will also be adapted into a limited edition comic book series, which will be released under the Marvel Icons imprint to coincide with the film’s release in 2010.

Although he had a brief cameo in the 2001 film, “The Wash,” Eminem made his official acting debut in the 2002 Hollywood hip hop drama “8 Mile,” based on his uprising to fame as a rapper in the streets of Detroit, Michigan. The movie won him critical praise and a Best Original Song Oscar for “Lose Yourself.”

Since “8 Mile,” Eminem’s appearances on screen have been limited; the rapper appeared briefly in the Adam Sandler flick “Funny People” this summer.

Earlier this year, after a four year hiatus from the music scene, Slim Shady released “Relapse,” his sixth studio album, which debuted on top of the charts by selling over 608,000 copies in the U.S and 1,061,000 worldwide in its first week. So far “Relapse” has sold over 1.5 million copies in the United States alone, making it the #1 hip hop album in 2009.

Written by Valerie Varasse

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