Elephant Man

The Energy God as people call him is back with a new album “Let’s get physical” expected to hit the stores on November 6th.
Elephant Man is also officially a “Bad Boy artist” now as Diddy says in the video “Five-O”.
Here’s the track list of “Let’s get physical”:

1. Ready Fi Di Video
2. Drop Dead
3. The Way We Roll (Remix) (Feat. Busta Rhymes & Shaggy)
4. Willie Bounce
5. Throw Your Hands Up (Feat. Rihanna)
6. Five-O (Main) (Feat. Wyclef & Diddy)
7. Gangster World (Feat. Rehka)
8. Shake That Ass Is On Fire
9. That La La (Feat. Mya)
10.Like A Snake (Feat. Don Omar)
11.Wave Ya Rag
12.Real Pimps
13.Five-O (Remix) (Feat. Wyclef, Swizz Beats, Assassin, Young Joc & Diddy)

Check the Five-O video


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