Earthquake in Haiti

TRACE’s call for mobilization has been widely heard by the French/Caribbean artistic community.

Artists from all genres came together, working into the night on Friday and Saturday to sing in support of Haiti, three days after a massive earthquake rocked the nation. “Un Geste pour Haiti Cherie,” which was supposed to last three minutes and thirty seconds, will probably exceed thirty minutes!

During two days, Studio Haxo in Paris, France, was the point of passage for the artists, who were willing to contribute modestly to relieve the pain of Haitians who have experienced what is probably the worst earthquake disaster in their lifetimes. There will likely be three versions of the song.

Charles Aznavour, the Lynns, Pit Bacardi, Grand Corps Malade, Sherifa Luna, Perle Lama, Noemie Lenoir, MC Janik, Mr Toma, Miss Dominik, are just some of the nearly 75 artists, musicians, actors that have contributed verses to “Un Geste pour Haiti Cherie.”

On Saturday, Manu Dibango came to lay lines of saxophones, while Piero Battery and Leah (King Lion) harmonized their voices to an extremely touching chorus.

Michel Druker, Zazie, Super Bus, Lilian Thuram, Harry Roselmack and Ophelie Winter also came to show their solidarity with a few words on the song, which is above all, from the heart of French artists. Things are not done yet as Akhenaton (IAM), Cesaria Evora, Youssou N’Dour and Jeff Joseph will send in their parts.

Olivier Laouchez, the president of TRACE, was behind the initiative. “This unprecedented mobilization is a small contribution to this absolute disaster that affects the Haitian people. All artists donated their time and we thank them warmly,” Laouchez said.

“Un Geste pour Haiti” has no other purpose than to call for donations to the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. The two tools should be used to continue to contribute beyond the first impulse of generosity. There is a long road ahead for to the reconstruction of Haiti…

The video will be broadcasted on TRACE starting Friday, January 22nd.

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