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Bruno Mars teamed up with Charlie Wilson to release the song, “Forever Valentine,”. He sang backup vocals and co-wrote the song. 


Bruno Mars donated 1 Million dollars to help Aid the Victims of the Flint Water Crisis.


Bruno Mars has partnered up with Disney to co-produce and star in an upcoming Disney music-themed film. 


Bruno Mars, who has been a performer at the Park MGM Theatre, donated $1 million to the MGM Resorts Foundation to support MGM employees impacted economically by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


Bruno Mars loves getting inked. He has tattoos of a gypsy on his left forearm, an anchor on his right forearm, his mother’s name on his right shoulder, and “Pete’s boy” on his left bicep.




YOUNGSTA CPT’s real name is Riyadh Emandien. 


YOUNGSTA CPT was born on 23 December 1991.


Before the release of 3T, Youngsta CPT had released 30 mixtapes, 6 extended plays and two collaborative albums since his debut in 2010.


Youngsta CPT’s aspirations were ignited at the age of 12, where he wrote and recorded his first track in the same year. 


Youngsta CPT produced soundtracks for the South African movie Four Corners.


Youngsta CPT Launched a record label called Y?GEN, short for Y?Generation.



Stogie T shared a list of rappers who made it to “Verse Of The Year” in 2020 listing some of the best lyricists including, Kwesta, Priddy Ugly, YoungStaCPT.


Stogie revealed that he not only heals by listening to music, but he also battles his demons by making music from the soul.


Stogie T said that his 2007 album Music From My Good Eye helped him through his toughest days.


Stogie T announced plans to launch his own sneakers in partnership with Sneaker Bar SA in April of this year.


Stogie T turned 40-years-old this year on the 16th of August.



Nigerian star Burna Boy has given Nasty C one of the best compliments expressing that he is better than most American rappers.


Nasty C shared the mic with Sabrina Carpenter, Ayumu Imazu, Blue Vintage, Mizk and others in the anthem-like song titled ‘Colorful’ for the 2020 Olympics games.


Nasty C scored his second BET (Black Entertainment Television) hip-hop nomination.


Nasty C’s music video for ‘Jack’ clocked over 1 million views in just a number of days.


Nasty C almost fell victim to an incident of police brutality while visiting America early this year to shoot a music video. Fortunately, he and his crew escaped without any violent altercations.




Gwen Stefani’s favourite colour is yellow because it makes her happy.


Gwen Stefani’s full and legal name is  Gwen Renée Stefani.


Gwen Stefani was born October 3, 1969, in Fullerton, California, U.S.


Gwen Stefani wasn’t initially the lead singer of No Doubt. Her older brother Eric was the keyboardist for No Doubt.

She first bonded with Blake Shelton over their mutual divorces before officially getting together.


Her father worked as a Yamaha marketing executive and her mother was an accountant. She is the second oldest of four children.



Saweetie paid homage to her African American and Filipino heritage at the 2021 Met Gala with her statement piece by Christian Cowan.


Saweetie started writing music at the age of 14.


Saweetie did take the time to get her education and finish before diving headfirst into her desired career.


Saweetie has well over two million followers on her Instagram and it seems primed to go up as her popularity continues to soar and her career continues to take off.


Before Saweeties career in music took off the way it has, she used to work in a hat store making minimum wage.



Toosii took to Twitter to call his generation soft After Teasing Fivio Foreign Collaboration.


Toosii has made a bold claim saying that he is going to be the next Drake and we’re not mad at it.

Toosii took to Twitter expressing his thoughts about Flo Milli. He believes that she gets Ignored Because She’s “A Dark Skin Girl” With A Natural Body.


Toosii’s music recently hit one billion combined global streams and nabbed a gold plaque from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).


Toosii’s most recent release, Platinum Heart, received critical acclaim not only from his growing fanbase but also co-signs from the hottest artists such as NBA Youngboy,DaBaby, and City Girls.




Lady Zamar’s birth name is Yamikani Janet Banda.


When Lady Zamar was in high school she used to play soccer for her school.


Lady Zamar has stage fright even though she is such a major star.


She has managed to keep her life very secretive. She acknowledges that she is very secretive and only lets certain people know what she wants them to know.


Lady Zamar is a lover of comics and cartoons, especially after a long day at work or in the studio. Her favourite cartoon is Toy Story.


Lady Zamar came out to acknowledge that she is a fanatic of Zodwa Wabantu. She believes that Zodwa is a representative of women empowerment in our generation.




BTS And Coldplay Announced that They Will Be Collaborating On A New Single Called “My Universe”.


Coldplay debuted their new single ‘Higher Power’ from the International Space station 250 miles above Earth.


Coldplay feared they would be ‘thrown in prison’ while making a new album due to lockdown laws.


Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson bought a £9m Malibu pad after three years of dating.


Chris Martin, the frontman of Coldplay, had to learn how to sing the song ‘The Scientist’, backwards for a music video shot with director Jamie Thraves.



Justin Bieber wore His own Label as He and his Wife Hailey Baldwin made Their Met Gala Debut.


Justin Bieber has suffered from Lyme disease for many years and often talks about his struggles with the disease.

Justin Bieber has received multiple awards including a Grammy, 15 American Music Awards and 21 MTV Europe Music Awards.


Justin Bieber’s new documentary called Our World will be released on the 8th of October on Amazon Prime. 


Justin Bieber is going to headline Jay-Z’s Made in America festival this year as it was cancelled last year because of the coronavirus.



Daniel Caesar’s sophomore album, ‘Case Study 01’, features guest appearances by huge artists including Brandy, Pharrell Williams and John Mayer. 


Singer Daniel Caesar was once well-loved but has since been ‘cancelled’ after siding with rapper YesJulz whose actions exploited black culture.


The Canadian singer’s 2016 single “Japanese Denim” has been certified platinum by the RIAA with over one million units sold. That’s not the only certification he earned. “Get You” featuring Kali Uchis is now 3x multi-platinum


In January of this year, his Grammy-winning duet with H.E.R., “Best Part,” became 4x multi-platinum. 


 Daniel Caesars net worth is over $4 million.



Stino Le Thwenny,  look up to artists who keep it original and stick to their sounds like Sho Madjozi, King Monada, Okmalumkoolkat and the Amapiano fraternity.


The duo’s biggest achievement thus far is having three hit songs on high rotation on a national platform. 


The duo stays focused on their music by being away from the public and the drama that comes with being famous.


Their goal is to be disciplined and focus on their plan to release more great songs.


They believe that being real, authentic, and believable is what attracts people to their music.




Kwesta dropped out of high school at the age of 16 to pursue a career in music.


Kwesta was only eight years old when his parents got divorced. 


Kwesta and his lady got matching ring tattoos way before they even spoke about marriage.


DJ Maphorisa slowed down Joakim‘s remix of “Camino Del Sol,” a 1982 house track from the French-Belgian group Antena, into an old school kwaito tempo for Kwesta’s smash hit ‘Ngud’.


Kwesta would have pursued a career in soccer had he not pursued music. 


Kwesta started as a poet however, when he first recorded his poetry on beats he realised that it wasn’t too different and fell in love with making music.




Wale’s first local hit, “Dig Dug (Shake It),” was a tribute to Ronald “Dig Dug” Dixon of DC go-go group Northeast Groovers.


Rick Ross first met Wale when the then-unsigned rapper performed at the same show and sold as many tickets as Ross.


Wale first pursued music after he got kicked off the Virginia State University football team.


Wale made $5 million in 2012 however, on his first tour he covered his own expenses and ended up losing money.


Wale is the cousin of actor Gbenga Akinnagbe, best known for his role as Chris Partlow from HBO’s The Wire.




Anitta has plans to Make the Brazilian genre ‘Baile Funk’ as Big as Reggaeton.


The VMAs mark Anitta’s first major mainstream award show appearance, outside of Latin genres.


Anitta cannot stand people lying and has said that the worst thing anyone could do to her is telling her a lie.


Anitta has been doing plastic surgeries since the age of 20. She has since gotten multiple breast reductions, rhinoplasty, and jawline reshaping.


La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser is the only facial cleanser that Annita uses.




Billie originally recorded the song “Ocean Eyes” for the dance company she used to be a part of.


Billie’s Eilish has Tourette Syndrome and has been very open about her experiences with the disorder.


Billie Eilish wears baggy clothes so that people won’t be able to judge her body and has described her style as very weird.


Billie’s favourite show of all time is the hit series The Office. She even used samples from the episode “Threat Level Midnight” in her song, “My Strange Addiction.


Billie Eilish’s song “bored” is featured on season 1 of the hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why soundtrack, while her collaboration with Khalid, “lovely,” is featured on the second season.



When Migo’s just formed, Quavo still played football in high school and had a promising future in the world of sports.


Each member of Migos got arrested during a concert in April 2015, charged with possession of narcotics, firearms, and marijuana.


Offset spent 8 months in prison for possession of marijuana. 


Quavo has been accused of robbing a famous jeweller called Eric at a Grammys after-party. 


The crew went by the name Polo Club until 2010 when they changed their name to Migos.




Nadia Nakai was previously signed under Sid Records, a record label owned by former YoTV presenter Psyfo.


Nadia was the first female rapper to win the Shiz Niz Mixtape 101 competition on eTV.


Nadia was one of the judges on SABC 1’s hip hop show called Battle Stations.


Before her music career, Nadia worked in advertising. 


Nadia studied marketing, communications and media studies at Monash University.




When Vic Mensa was a teenager, he fell off a bridge while attempting to sneak into a concert and sustained serious injuries which almost cost him his life.


Since almost having died twice, Vic Mensa had “Still Alive” tattooed on his stomach to pay homage to his near-death experiences.


He has seen incredible success in recent years, he has worked with massive names like Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Chance the Rapper.


He has a third-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, a Korean martial art.


Vic Mensa’s real name is Victor Kwesi Mensah.


Vic Mensa was a member of the group Kids These Days, which broke up in May 2013, after which he released his debut solo mixtape Innanetape.



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