Drake: he would be the father of a 2 year-old baby girl!

A few weeks after Chris Brown has confirmed that he was the father of a little girl, born of a one night relationship with a groupie, it’s now the time for his arch-nemesis, Drake!This is a famous gossip website which was the first to drop the bomb. The site claims that they received documents provided by a woman, proving that the interpreter of If You Reading This It’s Too Late would be the father of a 2 years old little girl. She would be one year older than Chris Brown’s little girl. Life is really full of surprises. Maybe this will make a good reason for them to bury the hatchet and forget the past with Rihanna? Knowing the egos of the two artists this seems not likely to happen.The site said they saw legal documents completed by an Haitian-American woman, who worked as a waitress in the VIP area at LIV nightclub in Miami, a huge nightclub on South Beach where many celebrities have their habits. If she did not say her name, she has told Drake about the supposed baby, and the rapper agreed to do the paternity test.While waiting for the test results to show, papers filled by the young woman indicate that Drake would pay to the mother $15,000 per month in child support to fulfill the child’s needs. Obviously, several ethical questions arise. Did she really want the child?Do you think she is right to ask $15,000 to Drake?

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