Drake and Chris Brown’s exes, Rick Ross and his weight, Snoop Dog and marijuana, all the resolutions stars should hold for 2015!

Taking good resolutions is a tradition for the New Year, and many of you already set your goals for 2015. Quit smoking, going to the gym, taking care of others, we imagined what resolutions stars should hold for 2015!First of all, it’s Rick Ross who comes first by watching his weight! The KFC Chicken Nugget’s Boss has already begun an impressive diet and he lost around 100 pounds! Some people are talking about a gastric ring surgery… Anyway, keep it up Rozay!In second place, it’s Justin Bieber who should stop driving so fast! Collisions, running over paparazzi, street racing with his friends in tuned Lamborghini, it’s time to let GTA away and becoming an adult.Then, it’s a resolution that many celebrities should stand for, but we mostly think about Kim Kardashian, who should stop being so show off! If the provocation queen ended the year with her booty in cover of the Paper magazine, she stop scandals for the next year! We eventually could give this advice to Miley Cyrus as well!In the category “broken heart that doesn’t recover”, it’s Selena Gomez who wins the contest. Since her break up with Justin Bieber, the young lady appears to be sad all the time and doesn’t seem to be ready to move on. She will need to get over it. Come on, forget your bad ex and make some place for another one! Let it Go Selena!For sure, Drake comes at the 5th place. The “View from the 6” rapper should take the initiative to stop flirting with Chris Brown’s exes. Indeed, between Rihanna and Karrueche, it’s time to find a girlfriend by his own now!And what about Snoop Dog? Well the rapper shared a picture on Instagram for his fans, showing himself smoking a joint with the caption “I’m not smoking any more, but I ain’t smokin’ any less”. Well, that’s a good start!

If others celebs didn’t talk about their resolutions, they didn’t forget to wish to their fans a happy new year like Beyonce did on Instagram “Happy New year!!”

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