A few days after the official re-release of his much-acclaimed mixtape “So Far Gone,” rap newcomer Drake is discovering by himself the dark side of the music business.

The Canadian rapper is indeed at the center of a publishing rights dispute regarding his first hit single, “Best I Ever Had.” Southern rapper/producer Kia Shine, well-known for his 2007 hit “Krispy,” is claiming that he helped co-write and produce the mega smash. The story goes back to 2008, when Kia actually produced a track for Lil Wayne called “Do It For The Boys,” which was heavily sampled by Drake for “Best I Ever Had.”

According to the southern producer, both parties had reached an agreement that Kia Shine would receive 25% of the publishing rights attached to the single. However, it seems that Drizzy has another version of the story. He responded yesterday to Kia’s allegations via his blog “October’s Very Own,” bashing the producer: “The claims of 25% ownership [by Kia] are false and for a artist to brag about splits on a song is distasteful to begin with.”

So, did Drake really jack the song, or is he simply experiencing the flip side of chart-topping?

In other news, Drake has updated via Twitter his fans on his recovery after his recent knee surgery. He also talked about his future projects during an interview last Tuesday with DC radio host Big Tigger. “Thank Me Later,” his studio debut album, is expected to drop in February 2010 and should bring a “dark and sexy” vibe.

Drake’s “So Far Gone” mixtape hit shelves this week and is expected to sell around 60,000 units, despite being available for free online since last February.

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