All you ladies out there, listen up! Young Money star Drake recently opened up in an interview with Tim Westwood about his current relations and what turns him on in a woman.

Turning down rumors of being in a relationship with model Maliah Michel, the rapper stated that he’s “actually single.” “I’m single world wide. [laughs] Everywhere, all area codes, everything.”

Drake also commented on some of his biggest turn-ons in a woman. “I really love women a lot man, even when I’m rapping, I just like women to hear what I’m saying. I’m talking to the world [when I rap], but I like when women come up to me and repeat my lyrics to me, not my hooks. I love when they come up and say ‘that’s my favorite line,’ or ‘I loved when you said this, it made me feel sexy.’ That gets me excited, it turns me on a little bit.”

Whoa. I hope all you women out there heard that–now get to rehearsing your favorite Drake songs so you can impress him if you ever get the chance!

Written by Michael Wash

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