Despite the success of his debut album “Thank Me Later,” Drake is in trouble! Indeed, Young Money protégé is being sued by Playboy Entreprises. Why on earth would Hugh Hefner and his horde of silicone blondes be mad at Drizzy?

Well, apparently, Drake’s breakthrough hit “Best I Ever Had” samples “Fallin in Love” by Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds, a song that went #1 in 1975 and which is owned by Playboy. If he mentioned it in the credits, Drake obviously didn’t bother to pay for the copyright to use that song.

The reason why the rapper/singer has been so careless is probably because nobody expected “Best I Ever Had” to be such a hit. Besides, the rules of copyright usually don’t apply to mixtapes. But “So Far Gone” ended up on top of the charts and involved a lot of money, solidifying Drake as a mainstream rapper.

It is then not really surprising that Playboy Enterprises is suing Drake, Cash Money Records, Universal Music Group and Universal Music Group Distribution for copyright infringement. Let’s just hope that Drake has good lawyers because this lawsuit could be a bummer for his career, and most importantly his wallet!

Written by Liv

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