Dr Dre: the cost of making Beats By Dre’s headphones finally revealed!

Rihanna is not the only one to see dollar signs! Dr Dre, hip hop’s first billionaire, makes a lot of money out of his headphones, the famous Beats By Dre. Alongside his partner Jimmy Iovine, he has created a $3.2 billion empire off of a product whose quality has always been a concern.

Last month, TIME Magazine ranked Beats By Dre as the second to worst headphone brand out of 18 in terms of sound performance. Yet, the product, whose pairs can cost up to $450, sells like hot cakes.

The New York Times has just revealed that the headphones are inexpensive to make with headphone designers estimating “the cost of making a fancy headset is as low as $14.” Less expensive than a haircut!

Now, no wonder why the sound performance is not that great…

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