Dr. Dre retires?

The 45-year-old rapper and producer, Dr. Dre, may have once been on top of the rap game but has been missing in the music industry for some time.

That’s why news of his possible retirement after the release of his album, “Detox,” does not come as a surprise. According to a recent interview with XXL Magazine, Dr. Dre said music will always be his passion so he will continue to look for potential talents and artists, as he did to raise rapper Eminem to fame.

“I don’t ever see myself retiring totally from music,” Dr. Dre said, “because I have a genuine love and passion for it. But as far as me going into the mic booth, that [is over].”

Instead, the rapper plans to take some time away from the music industry and spend time with his family.

With a recent leak of a track from Eminem titled “I Need a Doctor,” featuring Dr. Dre and Liz Rodrigues, Eminem raps of the need for this rap legend to get back into the industry.

Eminem, who was given his chance in the music industry because of Dr. Dre’s support and efforts to get him signed, dedicated the entire track to give a wake up call to his mentor and friend.

“I demand you remember who you are, it was you who believed in me, when everyone was telling you don’t sign me, everyone at the f-cking label, let’s tell the truth, you risked your career for me, I know it as well as you,” he raps.

Eminem continues to get to the main message of the song. He raps, “Dre, I’m crying in this booth, you saved my life, now maybe it’s my turn to save yours.”

As of now, it seems that Dr. Dre has made up his mind. But it won’t be certain until after the arrival of his album, “Detox,” which is set for a first quarter release in 2011.

By Catherine

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