Dr Dre: Monster sues Beats !

Beats Electronics has to face a justice problem, again! After Bose accused the firm of running its technology of active reduction of the ambient noise, it’s Monster today that accuse the company of having ruled them out of Beats by Dr Dre headphones’ project and have them replaced by the manufacturer of Smartphone HTC.It all begins in 2011 when HTC bought 51 % of the company Beats. Later on, it’s Beats and Dr Dre himself who bought back 25.5 % of the company. Problem: Monster is one of the creators of the brand Beats, and they had shares in the company.This change of control of the society ended the partnership with Monster, causing a several billion dollars and invested technologies loss, while Monster designed the product and distributed the range of headphones in exchange for the license of the brand for the marketing.The founder of Monster, Noel Lee, had besides sold his parts in the company Beats because the society had promised him that there would be no big transaction in the coming two years. The thing is, 8 months later, Apple bought the brand!Noel Lee thus declares to have been deceived by Beats and Dr Dre. The 5 % invested by him and his company Monster would have been made him million dollars today if he had not decided to sell them before the repurchase by Apple. Lee also accuses the brand of having minimized his role in the conception of headphones during the repurchase by Apple.Do you think that Dr Dre is going to lose his trial ?

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