Dr Dre, Jay Z, Diddy, 50 Cent: and hip hop’s wealthiest artist is…

It is that time of the year! Every year, Forbes run a list of the wealthiest artists in hip hop. We remember last year’s because the superproducer Dr Dre dubbed himself the first billionaire in rap after he had sold his headphone line to Apple. Is he still on top of the list in 2015?

Although most of the names on the list will not surprise you, the #1 spot might do so. This year, Diddyis the wealthiest artist in hip hop with $735 million in his bank account. A large amount of this value comes from several investments such as: his deal with Ciroc,clothing lines Enyce and Sean John, multimedia network Revolt, alkaline water brand AQUAhydrate and a new tequila called DeLeon.

Dre occupies the second spot, with Jay Z, 50 Cent, and Birdman following in their footsteps.

Peep the whole top five below:

5. Birdman – $150 million

4. 50 Cent – $155 Million

3. Jay Z – $550 Million

2. Dr Dre – $700 Million

1. Diddy – $735 Million

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