Dr. Dre drops video

Dr. Dre gets deep with the release of “I Need A Doctor,” the second video from his long-awaited album, “Detox.” The video, directed by filmmaker Allan Hughes, begins with Dre getting into a car accident as flashing images of his life and music career appear on the screen.

It picks up years later with his protégé Eminem trying to bring a comatose Dre back to life. Em raps: You saved my life, now maybe it’s my turn to save yours/But I could never repay you, what you did for me is way more/But I ain’t giving up faith and you ain’t giving up on me/Get up Dre/ I’m dying/I need you/Come back for f—’s sake.
All the while a ghostly Skylar Grey, who sings the hook, floats in the background.

Once Dre finally wakes up, he gets into shape to let his haters know he’s back and surprises fans with an emotional twist at the end.

For those who still don’t believe it, get ready because “Detox” will drops on April 20th!

By Brooks Newkirk

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