Watch out music fans Jermaine Dupri and SO SO Def are back; indeed the label is back with their new singing sensation Dondria. Known for her hit single “You’re the one,” which was released late last year, Dondria has become one of the new faces of 2010.

As the hot summer days are approaching their peak, maybe some of you, have already been familiar with her sultry voice but for those of you who wonder about the songstress let’s introduce her to the world. Hailing from Sachse Texas, the 23 year-old singing sensation Dondria aka Phatffatt started her adventure in 2006, when she created her own you tube channel “Phatfffat” to showcase her singing talent. After building a sizable following that included over one million hit and a sizeable internet buzz, it didn’t take long for the music industry honchos to come looking for her. But to Dondria dismay it was the relentless pursue of So So Def music impresario Jermaine Dupri in particular that sealed the deal.

In an interview posted on her site global grind, the singer explained their mea culpa. “First, he tried to reach me over YouTube, but I never got that message. Then he went over to MySpace, and at first I didn’t think it was him, so I was kind of ignoring him.”

But thankfully to Dondria and to all of her new beloved fans the songstress finally responded to the music producer and ever since, she has been working tiressly with Jermaine Dupri on her full-length debut album, “Dondria Vs. Phatfffat,” which will be release on August 17. In the meantime, heat seekers can savor her second single “Shawty Wus Up” which features her label-mate Johnta Austin and Diamond.

However, despite the title’s name don’t expect the album to be a conflict between two personalities. “It’s not really an alter ego thing, it’s really kind of explaining to everybody that I could be more than Phatfffat that you saw on YouTube,” the singer explained.
But as Dondria sings her own music, she’s ready to prove to the world that she is just more than an internet sensation. Her story might sounds like a fairytale to others but to her it is finally a dream come true; yes the dream of a small town girl who finally made it to stardom.
Is Dondria poised to become the first R&B star straight out of YouTube? Only time will tell. But as for now fans can rest assure that the singer and her soulful voice will try to bring them the best that music has to offer.

If you can’t wait for the album to drop and you want to see for yourself what’s the buzz is all about don’t worry, Dondria has been booked for various summer concerts across the US including the Trey Songz and Monica tour, “Passion, Pain & Pleasure”.

For more info please see the agenda part for Trey Songz’s tour dates.

Written by Valerie Varasse

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