Diddy, Nas, 50 Cent: these rappers rappers who are the most charitable

As the Wu-Tang said, “cash rules everything around me, Cream get the money, dollar, dollar bill y’all”. Rappers get a lot of money from their activities, but fortunately, they don’t forget to help their community. Thus, TRACE has decided to introduce you to the most charitable rappers.


Last year, The East Coast rapper Nas decided to help a single-father who lost his home in a fire. He started an online charity drive and raised close to $50,000 to find the family a new and permanent home. Also in 2011, he donated $14,000 to UNICEF from a painting he sold at Art Basel in order that it can provide aid relief to the Horn of Africa.

Lil Wayne

In 2005, the hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and devastated the city where Weezy comes from. Thus, after the hurricane’s passage, the rapper did his part to help with rebuilding the devastated region. He donated $250,000 of his money to restore a community park he used to play in as a kid.

Jay Z

Since 2003, Jay Z has his own foundation, called “Shawn Carter Foundation”. Hova has given away around $1.3 million dollars to various charities, and also participated in numerous charity concerts.

50 Cent

The Queens rapper, 50 Cent, has his own foundation called G-Unity. Through that, he does regular food and clothing drives and uplifting community projects. Thanks to his revenue from his various business, like his energy drink “Street King”, or his headphone company, Fifty did several lifesaving water projects in Africa and he also regularly makes donation to charity as well.


The richest rapper in the world, Diddy, also has a kind heart. In 2003, he got himself in shape and ran the NYC Marathon to raise $2 million dollars for New York public schools and children suffering from HIV & AIDS. He has also supported Breast Cancer cures by making a special pink slip through his successful Sean John clothing brand.

Dr Dre

Dr Dre is a real icon in California, and he is very implicated in the improvement of his community’s living standards. His business partner Jimmy Iovine and him made a donation of $70 million to the University of Southern California. The large endowment was to create a new degree program that blends business, marketing, product development, design and liberal arts.

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