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You still don’t understand what the name Diddy-Dirty Money really stands for? TRACE has been to the listening session of the upcoming album “Last Train To Paris” in the French capital and tells you more on rapper/businessman Sean Combs’ latest artistic project…

For those who didn’t follow the whole story, Dirty Money is a group formed by Diddy containing himself, former member of female band Danity Kane, Dawn Richard and songwriter/singer Kalenna Harper. Though “Last Train To Paris” was first said to be Diddy’s upcoming fifth studio album, Dirty Money is present on almost every track and seems to be the result of a team work. “For my new album “Last Train to Paris,” I wanted to do something refreshing, something unique, something forward for myself as an artist…I’m a team player. I wanted to tell a love story…I couldn’t just tell the male’s point of view” explained Diddy introducing the Dirty Money crew.

“Last Train To Paris,” set to be released this summer but then delayed to September 2010, seems to be a concept album. Indeed, Diddy and his girls want to introduce the world to a new musical genre called “train music.” The rapper describes this new movement as a sound based on the evolution of feelings in music. This explains why many tracks of the albums such as “Broken Windows” give an impression of crescendo as they play. If the prevailing vibe of this “electro-hip-hop-soul funk” album belongs to the clubs, the theme remains personal and deep as “Last Train To Paris” is about finding and losing love.

Rapper 50 Cent doesn’t seem too excited about the project since he recently made jokes targeting Diddy-Dirty Money during a concert in Boston. In a recent interview, 50 went on the beef: “Diddy’s not an artist. An artist would be somebody that actually wrote something…” Puffy subliminally responded to his enemy when hosting an event on U.S. TV: “I love my people lets stop the hate, congratulate, hate is for suckas.”

The least we can say is that Diddy-Dirty Money has been making a lot of noise for the past year. Whether it’s going to be a success or not, Diddy did his homework and made sure his team was surrounded by the best. Besides Rick Ross and T.I who feature the latest catchy single “Hello Good Morning,” many other guests will appear. The song “Love You No More” features Drake and deals with the twists and turns of being in love. Producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins is also present on the up-tempo songs “Love Come Down” and “I Want Your Love.” The electro-pop “Strobe Lights,” featuring Lil Wayne, was announced as the next single and should definitely be a hit. Ludacris, Nicki Minaj and Swizz Beatz are also confirmed guests.

So before finding out if Diddy-Dirty Money was worth the wait and the noise, check out the latest video of “Hello Good Morning” remix…

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