Francesca Spero former VP of Management and Publishing at Bad Boy Entertainment claimed that she was let go from the company because she is 51 year-old and disabled.

In the $ 12 million age discrimination suit she filed against the hip hop impresario, she states that after having a falling out with Mr. Combs aka Diddy regarding her hip replacement surgery in 2008, her relationship with the rapper changed for the worst and that she was eventually fired this past March.

Mrs. Spero who discovered Diddy and countless of other artists has been working at Bad Boy Entertainment since 1998. As an employee there, she oversaw a $38-million deal between Comb’s record company and music group Warner Bros which included signing new talents and clearing musical endorsements for corporations. She is also credited with producing Diddy’s reality TV show “Making the Band.”

After years of loyal service, she was replaced. Representatives from P.Diddy’s camp claimed that the lawsuit is without merit and that Francesca Spero no longer works for the company but age discrimination has nothing to do with it.

Written by Roberte Varasse

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