Diddy is trying to do it again. After putting together various music groups that undeniably make for good reality television but not necessarily lasting groups, the music mogul has formed yet another group, Dirty Money. This time around, the how 39-year-old father of four is part of the crew. Dirty Money, consists of Diddy, former Danity Kane singer Dawn Richards and songwriter Kaleena.

The crew contributes to a number of tracks on Diddy’s upcoming LP “Last Train to Paris.” Though Richards mentioned the formation of the group in interviews, Diddy took to his YouTube channel for the “special announcement” over the weekend to post a video with details.

“Dirty money is not about … anything negative. Dirty money is about a look, a sound a feel, a movement, you know, a crew. For my new album, Last Train To Paris, I wanted to do something refreshing, something unique, something forward for myself.”

Written by Shaira B.

Press Play, check out the video below

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