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Diamond Platnumz arrested in Tanzania because of a kiss

Singer Diamond Platnumz was brifefly detained by Tanzanian authorities after he posted a video in which he was seen kissing a young woman.

In East Africa, he’s certainly one of the biggest stars around. But Diamond Platnumz, born Naseeb Abdul Juma, could not escape the new strict regulations of his home country : Tanzania.

On monday, the “African Beauty” singer was arrested after he posted a video on Instagram in which he was kissing a girl, Times Live reports. Nothing really shocking for the  singer’s 4,5 million followers but the Tanzanian authorities were not having it.

A prison sentence of a minimum of 12 months

Indeed, since a several now, content posted online by Tanzanian citizens is monitored by the government and bloggers even have to pay a 900 dollars fee to get a license and operate.

If Diamond quickly deleted his post, he still was arrested and detained on Monday night. The singer was released on bail pending further investigations. He still faces charges for posting explicit videos and if found guilty he could be sentenced to 12 months in jail and a 2,200 dollars fine.


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