The Queen of carnival and soca artist Destra Garcia is expecting her first child at the beginning of 2010 with her boyfriend and manager Brian Morris. According to a media report the singer known for hits like “Tremble It”, “Sassiness”, “Bonnie and Clyde” and “I Dare You” had some mixed emotions about her pregnancy. “I’ve always had a bit of irregular cycle, so I was not sure it was that, but my gynecologist recently confirmed for me that yes, I am very pregnant. I hope my fans are very happy for me.”

The singer who is based in Trinidad and Tobago has been noted for her high energy performances, harmonious vocal skills and revealing clothing. Of her pregnancy she said that the news took her by surprise and she didn’t feel sick at all because her belly had just started to show.

Of her relationship and future plans with Morris, Destra said, “Marriage and kids is something that we always planned to do, but each year we’ve said next year. Brian is very quiet, he always stays in the background, but he is a wonderful person and he is going to be a great father.”

As for now Destra has no plans of slowing down and her North American fans will have the opportunity to see her perform in October at Miami’s carnival.

Written by Valerie V.

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